Director: Minna Dufton
Cast includes: Joana Andrade as herself, Johanna Nordblad as herself
76 mins / 2020 / Finland, subtitles

When champion Portuguese big wave surfer Joana Andrade has to conquer her fear of drowning, she finds herself locked in combat with long-buried demons from her past under a frozen Finnish lake and with the help of her new friend, the free diver Johanna Nordblad.

When filmmaker Minna Dufton started her documentary about elite big wave champion surfer, the "tiny fighter" Joana Andrade who rides the powerhouse waves at Nazaré, Portugal (home of the 100ft World Record Wave surfed by Garrett McNamara), little did she know Joana harboured a deep secret.

By way of explaining the safety equipment big wave surfers use, Joana shared her deep fear of drowning, something many big wave surfers share. In that one extraordinary moment, a remarkable cinematic serendipity would unfold and bring together the tiny Portuguese surfer with Finnish world champion free diver, Johanna Nordblad for the most unusual of training sessions.

BIG vs SMALL is a modern-day fairytale stretching from the raging monster waves in the south to the dark stillness of a far-north, frozen Finnish lake; it's about power and strength on top of the water and facing demons under it. It's about trust, it's about letting go, and it's about what happens when two elite female champions share their extraordinary talent with each other. Because, the battle isn't on the wave.

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