09 May 2021 / Dani Brown

Mimic a film scene competition - the results!

Find out who we chose from the creative entries to our challenge to recreate your favourite shot from film.

The results are below and mighty imaginative they are too!

Although we had a range of fabulous entries, many of which gave us a much-needed chuckle, our winning entry goes to Ghost - sent in by Nichola Underwood.

Congratulations Nichola and friend! You can enjoy your prize of a pair of tickets to the Electric Palace, plus some celebratory prosecco. Chin-chin!

In no particular order we have:

1. The Wicker Man

Charlotte Snook's interpretation of poor Edward Woodward being put in the wicker man...

Toy man held behind a wicker cage

Man held behind a wicker cage

Film fact: The stricken look on the face of the sacrificial Sergeant Howie, played by Edward Woodward, as he is brought to the eponymous Wicker Man was real, as Woodward had seen only drawings of the giant prop before.

Not only that, but the scene was shot in an incredible rush, as the production was on the run from studio heads who wanted to shut it down. Woodward had no time to learn his lines and had to read them off of giant letters on bed sheets hung from nearby cliffs.

2. High Society

Another entry from Charlotte Snook: this is Grace Kelly sailing the True Love yacht. 

Doll looks at paper boat

Actress looks at paper boat

Film fact: Grace Kelly, recently engaged to Prince Ranier of Monaco at the time, wore her actual engagement ring for her character's engagement ring.

3. Titanic

Another inspired entry from Charlotte Snook. Looks like Jack has done a runner in this recreation, but Rose looks very regal!

Film fact: The iconic drawing that DiCaprio's character produces of a naked Kate Winslet wearing only the Heart of the Ocean necklace was actually sketched by James Cameron. The original prop sketch was sold at auction in 2011, with the highest bid revealed to be $16,000.

4. Big

Here we have Stefan Zambinski's recreation of the piano scene from the movie Big. Classic!

Toys standing on a toy piano

Two men jumping on large floor piano in toyshop

Film fact: Penny Marshall became the first female director to ever direct a movie that grossed more than $100 million at the box office with this movie.

5. Strangers on a Train

Charlotte Snook's recreation of Strangers on a Train!

2 toy men sit opposite each other on a train2 men sit opposite each other on a train

Film fact: The stunt where the man crawled under the carousel was not done with trick photography. Alfred Hitchcock claimed that this was the most dangerous stunt ever performed under his direction, and he would never allow it to be done again.

6. Joan of Arc

Here we have Joan Osbaldeston looking incredibly majestic as Joan of Arc!

 Woman dressed in armourWoman dressed in armour

Film fact: Ingrid Bergman and Stephen Roberts are the only actors from the play "Joan of Lorraine", on which this film is based, to repeat their roles in the film. 

7. Beauty and the Beast

Charlotte Snook sent another creative take on the movie Beauty and the Beast! Schmooch!

Toy baby on toy bear near big plant

Film fact: Ryan Gosling was offered the role of the Beast in the 2017 adaptation, but turned it down to appear in La La Land instead. Emma Watson was offered the lead role in that movie, but turned down that movie to star in this one.

8. Ghost - the winner!

Spot the difference! Nichola Underwood's recreation of the pottery wheel scene!

man and women sit at a homemade potters wheelMan and woman sit at potters wheel

Film fact: Demi's husband at the time was offered the role of Sam, but Bruce Willis didn't think the movie was going to work with the main character being dead the whole time. Obviously, the wild success of the film proved him wrong and he admitted to being a "knucklehead" for turning it down.

** Congratulations Nichola! We hope you enjoy your prize. And thanks to everyone who entered for taking part **

We look forward to seeing you all when we reopen again on 20 May - check out What's On and Book Now :)