07 February 2021 / Annie Waite

Meet your friendly Hastings Spiderman!

Plan ahead to have Hastings Spidey steal the show at your post lockdown parties at the Electric Palace.

Have you seen Hastings Spidey around town yet?

Some of you may have had the pleasure of spotting a local Spiderman fan, Hastings Spidey, entertaining the folk of Hastings over the past year or so by throwing some shapes on the streets of St Leonards.

We used our spidey senses to track down the occasionally elusive Hastings Spidey and chatted to him about his spidey service:

What prompted Hastings Spidey to don his spidey suit?

"I did Spider-Man visits on the side since November 2019, but when the first Covid-19 lockdown came about, I was forced to change career and find something else to do. I had a couple of decent Spider-Man suits so, I thought I’d go out and cheer people up," he says.

"I put an ad on Facebook, and got so much interest it was overwhelming. Since March 2020 I’ve been doing Spidey visits. I have had the odd rainy day off though, as it’s no fun in the rain!" says Spidey.

Hastings Spidey's appearance area covers Hastings, Bexhill, Battle, Eastbourne and more.

What kinds of events does Hastings Spidey do?

He has mainly done door step visits for birthdays and cheer up opportunities (when tiering restrictions allow, using social distancing).

"When lockdown is over I’ll be back doing big parties again with lots of interaction, games, dancing and antics," says Hastings Spidey.

Hastings Spidey on top of car

Does Spidey only do Spiderman or does he transform into different characters too?

"I sometimes work with another superhero business called Sussex Superheroes, based in Bexhill, who do other characters and we get hired to turn up together. They do Batman, Deadpool, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man," says Hastings Spidey.

If you're looking to plan something special for a party, perhaps a children's birthday party or a celebration with other film fans, you can book Hastings Spidey to attend your event at the Electric Palace when we reopen.

Find out more about private hire events at the Electric Palace.

Contact Hastings Spidey:

Website: https://hastings-spidey-spiderman-visits.business.site/
Phone: 07976 483839
Email: hastingsspidey@gmail.com

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Photos courtesy of Electric Palace marketing assistant and volunteer, Dani Brown.