19 March 2017 / Author

Hastings Folk Festival events at the cinema

We’re delighted once again to be one of the venues hosting Hastings Folk Festival events, including screenings and live music.

We’ve selected a range of titles and created some special events to celebrate Hastings Folk Festival which runs from Tuesday 2 May to Sunday 7 May 2017 across venues throughout Hastings.

FLICKER AND PULSE - plus meet the director

  • Thursday 4 May 11am & 8pm

    NB - the Thursday 11am screening is always only £5 (including free tea/coffee), and the Thursday 8pm screening is part of our weekly meal and movie deal with Cafe Maroc

  • U, Brian McClave & Tom Wichelow, 2016, 50 mins, UK 

A striking and poignant portrayal of time passing in a beautiful Sussex walled garden. Using real-time and timelapse footage, the film explores the relationship between the seasons and the plants and people who work within the walls of the garden. Locked into the clock of the solar system, the garden performs its annual display, guided by the ritualistic human intervention of those passionately engaged with its soil. The film takes the form of a contemplative visual poem with a stunning soundtrack by Wendy Rae Fowler.


  • Friday 5 May 8pm & Sunday 7 May 8pm
  • 15, Jamie Chambers, 2013, 90mins, UK

The film follows the efforts of a passionate young man, Ruadhan, to keep alive the traditions in his sleepy village, where the singing is scarce and the jobs are scarcer. Seeing new businesses arrive, and elderly bards and songsmiths die out or give up the ghost, Ruadhan takes it upon himself to fight back and prove that his past has a place in the future. Featuring legendary performers Norman Maclean and Sheila Stewart, Blackbird brings Scotland's most loved folk music and storytelling heroes to the big screen.


  • Saturday 6 May 8pm
  • 15, Howard Brookner, 1983, 90mins, USA

With intimate, revelatory footage of the singular author and poet filmed over the course of five years, Brookner’s documentary about William S. Burroughs was for decades mainly the stuff of legend; that changed in 2011 when the late director’s nephew, discovered a print and spearheaded a restoration. This invigorating portrait was brought to life with the help of a remarkable crew of friends, including Jim Jarmusch and Tom DiCillo and features on-screen appearances by Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Huncke, Patti Smith, and Terry Southern.


  • Sunday 7 May 3.30pm
  • 90mins with interval

Hastings Folk Fest Stories and songs inspired by Celtic folk tales, performed by artist and musician Ed Boxall and musician Tim Hoyte. Projections, spoken word, song and music will transfix you in this magical afternoon for adults and children 5+ years old. All tickets for this event £5.