14 March 2021 / Dani Brown

14 feel good dance scenes on film

Enjoy toe tapping, finger clicking, hip grooving dance scenes to create joyous moments!

We recently put a shout out on our social media for 'Feel Good Friday' suggestions of dance clips from films to make you smile.

Along with our own top picks, we received quite a few recommendations via Facebook and Twitter. So we've compiled the suggestions below for when you might need a little cheering up or some inspiration to brighten your day!

We look forward to screening some of these in the coming year when we reopen.

In no particular order...

1. Napoleon Dynamite

Here we have Napoleon's best moves. Fact: Ligers are real. A liger is a cross between a male lion and female tiger (not to be confused with a tigon whose parents are a male tiger and female lion).  

2. Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever with JT hip snaking around the dance floor. Film fact: Some of the film's most iconic scenes involve Tony and Annette dancing to Bee Gees megahits including "You Should Be Dancin'" and "More Than a Woman" — but the Bee Gees had no involvement in the film and their music was only added in post-production.  

3. Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain! It took 40 film takes for the part where the three of them somersault over one couch and then tip another one over backwards before collapsing on it and laughing. 

4. Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom was Baz Luhrmann's film directorial debut. Strictly Ballroom began its life in 1984 as a student production when Baz Luhrmann was at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts). He wrote, directed and performed in the 30-minute show.

5. The Fisher King

Eamonn Griffin suggested via Twitter the waltz in The Fisher King. The movie originally was promised to James Cameron, and Billy Crystal was considered for the Jack Lucas role. Nahhh, Jeff Bridges all the way!

6. The Jungle Book

Gilded Palace suggested via Facebook the Disney classic 'I wanna be like you'! The Sherman brothers wrote the vultures’ song “That’s What Friends Are For” with The Beatles in mind, even giving the characters similar accents. But the Fab Four turned them down.

7. Scent of a Woman

A lovely tango from Scent of a Woman was recommended by both Beryl Bailey and Glyn Balmer via Facebook. The term "Hoo-ah," in the US Army, is a reply that means everything BUT "no". (For a bonus laugh, enjoy this Al Pacino Hoo-ah Supercut...)

8. Sweet Charity

And here was have Sammy Davis Jr. with the Rhythm of Life from the1969  film Sweet Charity. A recommendation from Tracey May Prev Bradshaw via our Facebook thread. 

9. Bande à Part

James Robert Sellers suggested the dance scene from the film Bande à Part (pictured, top). Bande à part was directed by Jean-Luc Godard and was filmed in 25 days.

10. Risky Business

Another recommendation from Tracey May Prev Bradshaw, is the scene from the 80s classic Risky Business. Tom Cruise skidding around in his socks...! His breakthrough role!

11. The Intouchables

Ahhh ...a little boogie wonderland from the award winning The Intouchables. Sy Oman won a César Award for best Actor for this film.

12. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The super colourful Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Karan Johar's directorial debut from 1998. It led the 44th Filmfare Awards in Mumbai in 1999  with 18 nominations and 8 wins - including a sweep of the major acting categories, a record it held until 2019.

13. Little Miss Sunshine

Tracey May Prev Bradshaw also gave us the excellent dance scene suggestion from the film Little Miss Sunshine. Abigail Breslin was up for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in this film. Take it away, Olive!

14. Hellzapoppin'

Slim Galliard and members performing the Hellzapoppin' Jam, as recommended by possibly the EP's oldest fan, 99 year old Betty Marshall. It looks like it's in fast motion, but it isn't!