10 March 2024 / Annie Waite

Classic Sundays: Vote for Greatest films of all time

We're showing the TOP TEN of Sight and Sound's Top 10 greatest ever films at the Electric Palace throughout 2024 - vote with us!

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Sight and Sound's 'Top 100 Greatest Films of all time' is the critics poll the magazine takes each decade with more than 1,600 critics, to test the temperature of what is considered a classic!

This year, we are screening one of the choices from the most recent 2022 poll each month, as part of our new Sunday Classics series. At the screenings, we invite you to join the conversation and vote for YOUR own classic, which we'll screen at the end of 2024 as part of our very own Audience Poll!

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We want your votes!

Join us on the first Sunday of every month throughout the year at 11am and be part of the conversation.

Watch the Top 10 Greatest Films of All time from the critics and then decide YOU who gets your vote in our special The Hastings and St Leonards Audience Poll!

What are the films in the list?

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Sunday 4 February: Singin in the Rain – Number 10 in the Critics' poll

Sunday 3 March: International Women’s Day Beau Travail – Number 7

Sunday 7 April:  Tokyo Story – Number 4

Sunday 5 May: Jack in the Green weekend Citizen Kane – Number 3

Sunday 2 June: TV Festival Man with a Movie Camera – Number 9

Sunday 7 July: In the Mood for Love – Number 5

Sunday 4 August: Vertigo – Number 2

Sunday 1 September: 2001: A Space Odyssey – Number 6

Sunday 6 October: Halloween weekend Mulholland Drive – Number 8

Sunday 3 November: Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) – Number 1

Sunday 1 December: Surprise screening - Hastings' choice! What film would you vote for? At this surprise screening we will announce the winner of our Hastings poll!

Also screening from the critics' list coming up soon is the tremendous Apocalypse Now.

Booking links coming soon for all!

About Sight and Sound magazine

Sight and Sound magazine cover showing Christopher Nolan's faceSight and Sound is an internationally renowned film magazine published by the British Film Institute. It has conducted the well-known ten-yearly Sight and Sound Poll of the Greatest Films of All Time since 1952, and in 2022 the poll had a bit of a shakeup with a surprise film making it to the top spot!

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