10 November 2019 / Annie Waite

Christmas live comedy events

Get festive with our funny and fun events this Christmas -  perfect for a relaxing group get together.

Seananigan’s Christmas Quiz Friday 6th December

A festive time awaits with a quiz to test the Christmas film and TV afficionados and some for those who are a bit Scrooge or even a Grinch to the whole Christmas experience. Assemble your team of Gremlins and Jingle all the Way down for fun and prizes. Tickets £5 per person.

Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival Christmas Special Saturday 7th December

The team behind the Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival are back for another Christmas comedy special at the Electric Palace Cinema. See Joz Norris for a festive comedy treat not to be missed. All tickets £10.

Old Movies Saved My Life Saturday 14th December

Remember the days before we forgot the true meaning of Christmas? Like watching Gone with The Wind after too much pudding?  Comedian, Mel Byron, does. Growing up in a small town in the 70s and 80s, Mel learnt everything she knows about life from watching fi lms of the 30s and 40s. She’ll take you on a funny and affectionate journey into the fi lms that shaped her teenage years, and the years beyond. She’ll introduce you to a host of characters: The World’s Most Beautiful Man, Britain’s Poshest Woman and the fi lm star who invented WiFi. Written and performed by Mel Byron, Directed by Chris Head. All tickets £10.