30 January 2022 / Rebecca Marshall

Bring Your Film Event to life at the Electric Palace

Do you have a film screening, club or event you'd like to put on? Talk to us about your idea and it could be included in our programme when we reopen.

The Electric Palace has always been a cinema that belongs to the community and to you, the people of Hastings and the surrounding areas.

While we're working on putting plans together for our reopening, we want to remind all you wonderful fantasists and dreamers out there that the cinema can be used as YOUR creative outlet.collection of people using the cinema in different ways - 4 separate photos of people smiling in the cinema

Not only can you hire the venue for your private events and parties, but if you're looking for a stylish venue for your public event,  please chat with us to see if your event idea may be able to be part of our regular programme when we reopen on 31st March.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Curate a film season
  • Form a film club
  • Host a one-off film, comedy or live music event
  • Ask us to put on your favourite film for the public
  • Use the venue as a talking space
  • Show your own film projects

We can help to make your dream event come to life, and the Electric Palace may be your perfect venue because:

  • The Electric Palace team can arrange your film licence, talk you through your event, manage ticket sales, and co-promote your event to our fan base and yours.
  • The space is safe, warm and gorgeous.
  • We want to collaborate, so bring us your suggestions!

Get in touch with us to discuss your idea by email: info@electricpalacecinema.com

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