05 January 2020 / Annie Waite

5 Years of Film with Hastings Triratna Buddhist group

January 2020 marks the five year anniversary of our collaboration at The Electric Palace Cinema with the Hastings Triratna Buddhist group.

On January 11 2015 we screened ‘The Cup,’ a Tibetan film directed by Khyentse Norbu. So began a five-year period of collaboration between the cinema and Buddhists that, as far as we can tell, is unique. No other sangha (community of Buddhists) that we know of has persuaded a local independent cinema to show films from Buddhist cultures or movies with content of interest to practitioners.

The films are sourced by exploring the programmes of Buddhist festivals in Europe and America, or are suggested from members of the community.

We have shown films reflecting topics such as impermanence and death, the value of kindness, the rarity and importance of silence in the modern world, tolerance and of course, meditation.

We have also shown biopics and documentaries chronicling the lives of much revered teachers.

The screenings have been well attended with the occasional sell out! One night we had to turn away10 people who had come to see a largely silent film set in a Zen monastery!

Join us on Sunday 15 March 2020 for a film screening of ‘Honey Giver Among the Dogs’.
The Hastings Triratna Buddhist group meets every week for meditation, study and ritual and all are welcome.

See more details on the Hastings Buddhist Group website.