Director: Neil Savage

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A potent and darkly funny cautionary tale that resonates with our own climate change challenges.

Set in the small 19th century Alpine town of Fertigwelt (World’s End), this allegorical farce, a fusion of drama and music, portrays certain corrupt community speculators and politicians and their inept struggle to survive the huge threat to their town, brought about by their own dangerous greed.

This piece aims to develop and take further our company aim of fusing theatre and music as a strong narrative form. Using a combination of rich characterization and an ensemble of live musicians led by two violinists, representing and commenting on the story’s crescendo of peril, they encompass styles from contemporary classical to Latin Jazz and beyond. Oyster Creatives aim to concentrate their unique style of theatre in a play that has resonances with issues we are facing today.

'First Heard' is a monthly play reading event featuring new works by local playwrights, performed by professional actors. At the end of every play there is an honest Q&A with the writer and all money raised from ticket sales goes towards the actors’ time.
All tickets £5.
If you are a playwright or actor looking to get involved with First Heard, contact John on 07813 035514.

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Unless all our current season of films sell out, the cinema will be unable to continue into 2021 and will likely close in December this year.

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